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    rough drafts


    rough drafts Empty rough drafts

    Post by Guest on Fri May 06, 2011 2:09 pm

    the title says it all. post 'em here and someone will help with grammer and such.

    rough drafts Empty Re: rough drafts

    Post by Guest on Fri May 06, 2011 2:10 pm

    Powers of the Beast

    Chapter 1

    The chilled, snow-covered, barren, Bone mountains loomed in the background as a figure, dressed in a solid black cloak, approached the Plateau. The chilling winds blew down from the mountains, chilling him to the very core. He shivered and let out a long, cold, cloudy breath before pushing towards the plateau. He stared up at the at the frozen vertical cliff that loomed before him. No matter what, I must push forward, he thought to himself.

    He approached the cliff and put one hand on the surface and began climbing. He looked up towards the top, which was barely visible from the solid white line of clouds at the very edge of the space just above the top. He looked back towards the mountains and let out a long sigh. Then continued up.

    The cliff was at least 600 feet high. Great, what have I gotten myself into? the figure thought to himself. He looked up and to his right where he would put his hand steadily to move up. He moved his hand to grab a rock jutting out of the cliff face, but when he grabbed it, the rock came out. He quickly grabbed the edge of the hole created by the now fallen out rock. The figure let out a sigh of relief and continued climbing. About an hour later, he had reached the top. Almost out of breath, he made a leap for the top. Reaching his arm out as far as it could, he grabbed the edge as hard as he could, hoping to keep his grip. He managed to keep his grip and pulled himself up on to the top, breathing heavily. He pulled himself together as he rose and drew his sword, a slightly curved long sword.

    Alright, he thought to himself. Now I got to find the Skakdi. He half walked, half crouched through the solid green bushes on the edge of the plateau. He walked about half a mile down the edge then started to go inward. Inward, it was said that the plateau is filled with a lush green forest, but this was not the case. Yes, there was a forest that was green and lush, but it wasn’t in the center. The center was a frozen wasteland. Filled with bones and carcasses of dead decaying Rahi. The figure passed through the forest and into this center frozen place. He noticed a cave, he thought it was nothing. I know there were just Skakdi here, I just know it. He thought to himself. He walked around the cave for hours, searching for a sign of Skakdi presence. I can’t find anything!

    Just then, as he approached the front of the cave again, there was a low pitched growl coming from the cave. He came closer to the cave, hoping to see what it was that was making the noise, but he got more then that. As he crept towards the cave, giant, blood red, furious eyes appeared in the front of the cave. Then the left claws, covered in razor blades and solid protodermis, appeared and grabbed the side of the cave. Then the right ones. Then the front of the head. The head was a terrible sight. Its mouth was long and filled with razor sharp teeth. Its head was topped with horns that reached back into the cave. What looked like a half chewed Kikinalo skull covered half its face. The other half was covered in a stretched out mask the looked like razor blades that would cut you just by looking at it. The creature continued to come out. Its neck was long, as big as he was, it was covered in spikes and the horns from the head stopped towards the middle.

    Its body was a gruesome sight to be sure. It was covered from head to neck to bottom of its feet, covered in armor. And what was even worse, the creature was oozing liquid protodermis between some of the plates. The arms were big and bulgy, covered in spiky armor. And yet the creature continued to come out.

    As it continued, it brought out its tail. The tail was mainly covered in small spikes, but the tip had two sides that had three big spikes. Then on the tip was another spike, this was through a recently killed Skakdi.

    “By Mata Nui…” he said, his voice deep. He readied his sword to defend himself, but then the creature charged. It charged right at him, teeth bared, claws ready to rip, but it didn’t do these things. It ran into him with its shoulder. Its shoulder. Being hit by this creature was like being hit by a tsunami on the south coast while standing on a miniature sandbar in the ocean. It felt like being hit by a solid wall of rock and stone. The creature knocked him all the way back to the edge of the plateau, and almost over the edge. He was on the ground with the wind knocked out of himself, trying to stand up. This was too much for his body to handle. He was almost all the way up when he felt a sharp pain through his chest. He looked down and saw that the creature had formed his claws, of which there were four, into a solid, slender, blade, that was now through him. He wanted to scream, let out this mass amount of pain that was filling him. But he couldn’t. He could only watch in horror as his protodermis ran thick and fast along the creatures fingers. Then there was the roar. Not a roar like you would be used to, but a chuckle of sorts. The creature lifted him off the ground and, with all its might, threw him off the plateau. As he fell he couldn’t help but think to himself, Krono, what have you gotten yourself into? Then he just closed his eyes and let the feeling of weightless take him.
    Chapter 2

    Krono woke up in a room. Not just any room, but his room. He looked around. There were lightstones covering the wall, which lit the room more then it should have been. He laid on a stone bed, covered in leaves and feathers to soften it. There was a chair in the corner, which was occupied by another Toa.

    “Well, I wouldn’t have expected you to survive after we found you,” the Toa in the chair said.

    “Wouldn’t you?” Krono asked.

    “You always were the lone wolf, Krono,” the Toa said.

    “As you were the leader, Lekron,” Krono shot back.

    Lekron, the Toa in the chair, was a Toa of Air. He wore a Miru, the Mask of Levitation. It had been burned on one side. Behind the mask, his eyes glowed a bright green. His body was decorated in armor, green, a dark green, made to look and blend with the forests and the tops of trees. He had a knife in his belt, which was slightly off his waist. On his back he carried a staff. Most Toa carried swords or knives, but Lekron preferred the staff. His staff allowed him to shoot out wind and air blasts from the ends of the staff. The staff was tipped with a little something of a curved blade. Not long, but it would do.

    Krono on the other hand was a Toa of Fire. He wore a Pakari, the Mask of Strength, reshaped to look like the legendary Mask of Light. He had it reshaped after he had heard the legend and of the Av-Matoran that were said to be the only ones that could use it. Down the rest of the way, his torso was covered in armor as well. His chest plate was curved on both ends up. Below that was a circular piece of armor. Then his legs which were covered in heavy armor, protected his legs. His arms were covered in even more armor, he wore on his shoulders, the armor of the captain, which was a single big spike on both shoulders. His armor was red, black, and gold.

    “So Lekron, I know you weren’t here to talk.” Krono said as he turned and sat on the edge of the bed. “So, what do you want?”

    “Can an old friend not come and invite a friend for a drink?” Lekron asked, a smirk growing on his face.

    “Not when said friend hasn’t seen head nor hide of said other friend.” Krono said with a growing sence of sarcasm.

    “Come on,” Lekron said with a chuckle, “I’m buying.”

    * * *

    Krono and Lekron walked to Kanohi Tavern. Kanohi was one of the least known taverns in the city, but it was one of the best. The tavern was at the center of the city, which was surrounded by a giant grey wall, which was in a valley, surrounded by a forest, which was in between the Bone mountains. The city was known as Deknol, the city of the wall.

    They passed many buildings on their way to Kanohi, all of them tall and illustrious. These were the home of the matoran. The toa did everything they could to protect them, and that included making them houses that looked better outside then inside. Inside it was just like Krono’s house. Lightstones on the walls, beds, tables, chairs. The only difference is that there are many rooms, for many matoran.

    As they approached Kanohi, Krono turned his head towards Lekron.

    “So how long was I out?”

    “I’ll tell you inside, lets get the drinks first.”

    They walked inside the tavern. It wasn’t very big, but it would do. Lightstones lined the walls and ceiling, there was a bar, some tables and chairs, some games. The tavern was mainly for toa. There were some toa sitting at tables, most veterans of old wars. Some newly recruited toa, which learned about Kanohi by talking to the vets. The tavern surved the best drinks you could find in the city. Krono and Lekron went and took some seats at the bar.

    Lekron beckoned the bartender, an ex toa who had retired and had learned how to brew like no ones business. The bartenders name was Hognaut, he was big for his size. And, well, he was a berserker when he fought in the wars. What can you expect. Like Krono, he was a toa of fire. Bulky, He wore the mask of accuracy, which was weird for a berserker, but it made him even more deadly on the battlefield. He came over with two drinks.

    Lekron plopped down 5 widgets for the drinks, picked up his and took a long sip. He then turned to Krono.

    “So, you want to know what happened?” he said, the smirk reappearing.

    “Why wouldn’t I?” Krono replied.

    “Alright. Lets finish our drinks first.” Lekron said as he brought his glass up to take another sip. Krono nodded in agreement and started to drink.

    This is a rough draft and i havent worked on it in a while. so enjoy. they are short, but the 4th chapter isnt anywhere near finished yet i think it is on the 11th page.

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