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    The Legend of Mahina

    Huanga Atu
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    The Legend of Mahina Empty The Legend of Mahina

    Post by Huanga Atu on Sat Jan 21, 2012 12:14 pm

    Book One
    The Finding


    “-We are not here to become laden with sadness, but to remember why to be strong. As steadfast as the Xon laid here,” the old speaker paused, “Most of you do not remember what he had done for our Organization, but I do. I am in fact very old,” he chuckled. Others followed suit.

    Huanga Atu of Mahina readjusted his position alongside Reanga Atu and Mahi in the Grand City’s square hands quietly held behind their backs. They both stared at the memorial crafted by the City’s master carver; and Huanga’s friend: Oneuku. The sculpture was beautiful, it was a marble stone box shaped object, with the honouree’s mask carved into the crest. It was decorated with flowing vine like stones, carved into the casket. And surrounding the base of the memorial, was glowing vanite. Vivid red laced with silver stone.

    Huanga quickly glanced to his left and caught the gaze of Oneuku standing beside Mahi. The eyes behind his intricate mask were narrowed in a smiling manner before returning back to their “serious business” state. Oneuku was very proud of his work. Huanga looked back to the speaker. Huanga leaned over to Reanga and whispered, “The Xon?”

    “Before our time. When Nukarau Atu first landed with the Organization,” Reanga whispered as quietly as he could manage. Huanga nodded and glanced over at the burial memorial of Nukarau Atu whom had died even before Huanga and Reanga came to be.

    Huanga returned to his original posture. He didn’t want to disrespect the recently passed any further than he may have, but he knew nothing of the being. His mind started to wander, and he started fidgeting. Mahi looked to him with a curious look on her face. Rightly so, Huanga was not one to be impatient. His job required patience.

    Luckily however, the speaker finished, and stepped down from the pedestal. The crowd erupted into applause, as did the Organization Leadership Panel. Across the memorial area, Huanga peered at the Organization Councillors. They too were clapping. The crowd started to shuffle away, back to their homes or their jobs, minus a handful whom had come to lay reeds on the grave. Huanga went over as well, next to his friends. He hadn’t brought anything to leave behind, but he felt inclined to walk over anyways.

    Once standing before the grave Reanga nudged his way next to Huanga who spoke unmoving, “Reanga.”

    “Yes brother?”

    “What do you think it’s like to die?” He said finally turning his gaze away from the nameplate.

    Reanga didn’t answer, instead he patted Huanga on the back before following away from the memorial behind Oneuku and Mahi.

    Huanga glanced at the nameplate and said the name out loud before continuing on his way. “Cherixon.”

    Huanga Atu
    Huanga Atu

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    The Legend of Mahina Empty Re: The Legend of Mahina

    Post by Huanga Atu on Sat Jan 21, 2012 12:22 pm

    Chapter 1 - Beginnings -

    It was the beginning of the Organization, a time of celebration and mirth. Huanga, the architect of the Organization’s headquarters and engineer of its machinery, oversaw the construction of the Organization headquarters in the Grand City. Looking down into the valley where his blueprints were being brought to life, Huanga reflected on his life at the speed it was going at now. He was just an engineer, confined to the lands of Mahina. Although beautiful, Mahina wasn’t a place for one who wanted to travel the universe. Mahina was a prime destination for travelers of the cosmos, and Huanga always went to the Great Auditorium where they would tell their stories. Ever since he first stumbled into the Great Auditorium by accident after tripping over a crate of vanite bottles, the tales of danger, romance, and adventure told by the visitors inspired him to see what he could only dream about. But that’s all it was, an eternal dream to seek out the birthplaces of the stories he held so dear.

    On a usual bright, sunny day on Mahina, Huanga lazily stepped off the elevator from his living quarters. He had been restless all night, trying to think of a way to get his newest invention ideas to work without spontaneously combusting. As he turned a corner, he bumped into a green Matoran, causing him to drop his blueprints and a few pipes he was going to take to the workshop.

    “My apologies, Reanga,”

    “No, no, Huanga,” Reanga Atu chuckled. “The blame is completely mine. I wasn’t paying attention.”

    “Why not? Surely the Organization’s leader is aware of his surroundings,” Huanga joked.

    “My appointment as leader was… unexpected, Huanga. You can sympathize, can't you?”

    Huanga looked at the ground. It felt so long ago, even though his promotion to lead engineer of vanite containment vessels was only a few months ago. He remembered that he was absolutely floored when he was chosen out of a group that he felt were superior in skill to him. Reanga was in fact Huanga’s involuntary successor as the Atu of the Grand City. Huanga was originally the one intended for the job, before he decided to step down and pass the torch to somebody he felt was more qualified; Reanga, now Reanga Atu.

    “Yes, I can. But Reanga, you are obviously the best choice for the Organization.”

    “How so?”

    “You single-handedly created the system in which vanite is distributed, a feat not anybody could accomplish.”

    “I merely conceive the idea, but you built it,” Reanga laughed, and looked down at the battered pipes. “Would you like some help?”

    “I’m fine, thank you,” Huanga crouched down and gathered his supplies.

    “What is this for?”

    “I’m trying to fix a pump right now, it keeps combusting.”

    Reanga picked up a wooden staff, “And this? I hardly think it’s for one of your contraptions.”

    Huanga looked up, “It’s a walking staff. You see Reanga, I wish to see Mahina, live the stories I’ve heard.”

    “Is that so?” Reanga looked excited. “I have a gift for you, but I never knew when to give it to you. I think now would be ideal,” Reanga pulled out a glowing, amber stone from his pack.

    “A vanite crystal!” Huanga marvelled at the stone’s luminescence.

    “Yes, one of the rarest variety.”

    “Thank you, brother. I’ll cherish it on my journey.”

    “We’ll cherish it together, Huanga. I’m going to come with you.”
    Huanga Atu
    Huanga Atu

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    The Legend of Mahina Empty Re: The Legend of Mahina

    Post by Huanga Atu on Sun Jan 22, 2012 6:00 pm

    Chapter 2 - Surprises -

    Huanga and Reanga were walking through the dense forests of Mahina, the
    brilliant glow from the crystal on Huanga’s staff lighting the way. Huanga was familiar with the forest, as it was a favourite place of his to sit and conjure inventions in his mind. But it was dark out, and Huanga was growing more and more unsure of where he was. This was the first time he’d actually tried to go through the forest, not just sit in it. It was dangerous, and both Huanga and Reanga knew it.

    “We should set up the camp here,” Reanga whispered. “We’ve been walking for hours.”

    Huanga was tired, and decided it was time to set up the campsite he and Reanga had prepared, all contained in the large bag the pair had brought with them, containing all their supplies, including food, water, and coats.

    "So where will we go?" Reanga asked as he opened the bag's latch.

    "Through the forest we should come to two different possible routes. One leads to Mahina's largest mountain, and the other leads to an ocean that'd be worth seeing."

    "Why is that ocean any different from others?"

    "Travelers talk about it often. There is an abandoned city situated there, on the ocean."

    "Sounds worth checking out," Reanga said thoughtfully, "Sounds interesting enough too me."

    "We'll have to head south-west then."

    After the campsite was fully set up, a fire burning between the two tents, Huanga and Reanga sat down by the glow and finally thought about what they were going to do.

    “Who’s going to handle the City?”

    “Don’t worry, Mahi will take care of it. She’s always been my second in command.”

    “I don’t think it’s a good idea to do some soul searching while Mahi gets left behind to do the hard work.”

    “That’s what you’re doing to your associates,” Reanga chuckled.

    Huanga looked hard at Reanga, and gave up the argument.

    “Maybe we both should just turn back.”

    “Maybe you should,” A voice called from somewhere amongst the trees.

    Huanga and Reanga were startled. Nobody was in sight, and there wasn’t any sign that anybody had been and left.

    “Did you hear that?” Reanga asked, a slight shiver in his voice.

    “I did, Reanga.”

    “You know this forest better than I do. What do you think it was?”

    “I’m not-“

    Huanga felt an arm around his throat and was Mean person back over the rock he was sitting on, just in time to see the same happen to Reanga. Huanga tried to break the grasp of his attacker, only provoking a blunt blow to the side of his head. The forest spun and went dark, leaving Huanga with only a view of the inside of a burlap bag.

    * * * * *

    “Huanga, wake up.”

    Huanga opened his eyes and found that he was in a dimly lit room. He could only see around him in a small circle of light created by a torch above his head. Despite being able to see, he recognized the voice of Reanga Atu.

    “Where are we, Reanga?”

    “I don’t know. I can’t even see you in here.” Huanga looked down and tried to find out what he could see. He found that his belongings were rather lazily strewn on a brick floor at his feet, and that his feet and hands were chained to a wall. He reached for his staff, hoping to bring a better light to his surroundings, but cried out in pain as a powerful electric shock ran down the chains.

    Suddenly, a door swung open, and the room, now revealed to be a containment cell, was bathed in bright light.

    “Now, where do you think you’re going, little red one?”

    Huanga tilted his head up to find a dark, tall armoured Matoran step into the room. The figure turned to Reanga.

    “I hear you are the Organization’s leader.”

    The stillness was almost painful until Reanga slowly nodded his head.

    “Well, I’m sorry to be the bringer of bad news,” The figure’s sarcastic tone increased the acidity of the entire predicament. “But you are out of commission.” He stepped forwards and closer to Huanga’s staff. He was clearly visible by now. “With your little Organization running out of control I can do whatever I want.” He knelt down so he was eye level with Reanga Atu.

    Reanga looked at him with disgust, “Who are you?”

    The hulking figure sneered, “I am Aparangi Pare. And because I have you two, you're Organization is mine.”
    Huanga Atu
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    The Legend of Mahina Empty Re: The Legend of Mahina

    Post by Huanga Atu on Mon Jan 23, 2012 11:27 am

    Chapter 3 - Ladies First -

    It had been a while since Huanga and Reanga had been confined. Had it been days, weeks, even months? The pair’s cell had no windows, and they had no way to tell what was going on in the outside world. Their rations were running out, and Aparangi Pare was probably terrorizing the people of the Grand City.

    “What are the odds?” Huanga muttered. “We set out to explore the world, and ended up worse off than we were before.”

    Reanga thought for a moment. “We’ll get out.”

    “Out? How? We’re alone in a cell, chained to a wall, and have no resources. Our hopes are useless.”

    “Our hopes aren’t useless. We just need to keep our will to escape high.”

    “Are you saying you think that if we just sit here and feel determined to
    leave, a miracle’s just going to appear?” Huanga was surprised by his friends words, "Not to be a downer, but they haven't brought us food in what has probably been days!"

    “Patience, my friend,” Reanga looked sadly at Huanga. “Patience and determination will save us.”

    “Reanga. I have to disagree with you. I don’t think we’ll beable to escape in time to stop Aparangi, if at all.”

    Reanga held a finger up to Huanga.

    “Is it getting hot in here?”

    As if on cue, the door to the cell burst open, and a reptilian creature, vaguely Toa-like in appearance strode into the room.

    “Knock, knock.”

    Huanga shadowed his eyes from the blinding light to see if he could get a better look at the being.

    "Who are you?"

    The Toa, already melting the chains off of Reanga, turned to him.

    "A friend. You can call me L, for… security reasons." He checked over his shoulder and started on Huanga's chains. "I’m going to get you two out of here." He finished with both chains and tossed Huanga his staff.

    Suddenly, a figure spun around the corner into the cell only to be hit in the chest a dagger thrown by the Toa. L started towards the door and impatiently looked back. "Don't just stand there. That guard had to have alerted the others before coming in here. In about 30 seconds, this place will be swarming with them." L pulled the dagger out of the downed guard’s chest and started running down the long hallway. Huanga wasn't too sure about this "friend". Trusting Toa that break the Toa Code didn't always have the best of morals.

    Reanga, and Huanga burst down the hall, following their newfound ally. Their feet clanking against the metal floor, they exchanged sceptical glances. L slowed to a stop when they came to a corner. Reanga broke the silence.

    "Why are you helping us?"

    "Because I’m busting anyone I can out of here," He retorted. “Besides, I’m helping you escape. Take that as a blessing.” L un-clipped two spheres from his back and checked around the corner. He turned to the two ex-captives. "When I throw these down the hall, you need to run as fast as you can. Just follow me."

    "We’re ready." Huanga spoke quietly with a confident look on his face. Reanga had the same bold look.

    L tossed the spheres to his left and right. Sand and dust hastily filled the room, enveloping guards who ran toward the fugitives. "Go!”

    Reanga and Huanga sped down the corridor after L. They barrelled through the smoke wall filled with coughing and gasping guards. Huanga held his breath until they came to a 3 way corner. L took a right and the Matoran followed after. They came to three more guards, but L knocked two of them aside with a blast of fire and hit the third with a dagger in the middle of his neck. He snatched it as they ran by.
    When they came to a metal door, L held up his hand and the door flew off its hinges into the blackness. "Ladies first."

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    The Legend of Mahina Empty Re: The Legend of Mahina

    Post by Huanga Atu on Tue Jan 24, 2012 12:39 pm

    Chapter 4 - Gratuities

    Once safe in the forest Reanga asked, "Why did you help us?" L stopped in his tracks, "I helped you two because Aparangi is a monster. A sinister Matoran who lives his days as though he's the king of the world. He plans to destroy everything you two have ever worked for. All for a bunch of stones. I helped you because he's a tyrant. And the Organization needs a leader who is determined enough to stop him." He started walking again.

    Huanga spoke up, "Where are you taking us?"

    L turned his head, "Back to the Grand City."

    Huanga sped his pace and became level with L, "But the whole reason we were out here was because we were going to leave that place. We wanted to explore the lands!"

    L replied coolly, "If that's what you want to do then do it. Let the Organization fall." He kept walking, "Aparangi Pare will succeed if one of you don't get a hold of the situation."

    Huanga looked to Reanga and then back to L. "Ok then. Take us back." Although he spoke the words Huanga still wanted to leave.

    "Good choice," L said, "Mahi can't run the place herself. At least not until she receives training."

    “What’s that supposed to mean? What training?” Reanga shot back.

    L stopped and turned to him with a pointed finger, “I mean she isn’t ready yet!” He hissed. “It’s your job and your meant for it!”

    For a few moments nobody spoke. Nobody moved.

    Reanga looked at the ground sadly, “I see.”

    L started walking once again until they came to a clearing. “Now here’s where I depart. Over that ridge of trees is an entrance to the city. Get inside and tell people what’s going on.” He turned around and started walking back into the forest before Reanga spoke.


    The Toa of Fire turned once more.
    “Thanks. For everything.”

    * * * * *

    The Grand City was as peaceful as it had ever been, the only commotion was in the City Square, where Matoran gathered around the unveiling of a statue of an ancient Toa, only known as the Great Hero of Mahina. Huanga and Reanga even took a moment to gaze at the huge cloth obscuring the crowd's view of the monument, but quickly remembered their objective. The two ran to the Organization's headquarters as fast as they could, only to arrive to a dishevelled Mahi.

    "What's going on, Mahi?" Reanga asked.

    "Something very bad is going to happen to Mahina, brothers. I… had a vision. The Organization is going to be destroyed."

    Huanga and Reanga looked at each other, and back to Mahi, wondering how she knew of Mahina's impending doom.

    "We have to alert the city, Mahi." Huanga turned around to welcome Oneuku, tired and panting.

    "Evil is coming," Oneuku coughed. "Mahina is not safe."

    Behind Oneuku, back in the Square, loomed the powerful figure of the statue. It was grand, fearsome, and instilled a feeling of might. However, the statue was not of the Great Hero as the plaque had suggested. It was of a tall, dark warlord, an evil only Huanga and Reanga recognized. It was a statue of greed, hate, and darkness. The monument was a reminder of the terror that was to befall Mahina in a matter of moments. Oneuku, master carver of Mahina, had erected a statue of Aparangi Pare.

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    The Legend of Mahina Empty Re: The Legend of Mahina

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