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There is no flaming. Flaming makes for a negative atmosphere and it will not be tolerated. That means you should avoid yelling at and needlessly criticizing other members. There is no trolling. Trying to force someone into an argument it not allowed. No pornographic, sexually offensive, sexually explicit, or objectifying material. Simple rule. Administration judgment applies here. Sexually suggestive images will be heavily scrutinized. We'd like for our readers to be able to read the forum at work and at home without fear of retribution. Use the grandma test. If you don’t think your grandma would want to see it – don’t use it. Post in the right forum! If it's about Kanohi Masks, post it in the Kanohi Masks forum. Even if it's only humor, an observation, or angst, if it's about something that we have a forum for, post it there. Resist the temptation to post something off topic because you think you'll get "better responses" in a particular forum. We know there are a lot a forums and it can be confusing to choose the right one to post in. If you are unsure, consult a Forum Leader or Forum Assistant. Don’t use language on this forum. We want this site to be kept clean, and that includes keeping a clean sounding forum. Most bad words are filtered out, but some have been overlooked. Just because a word is not filtered does not mean it is allowed. Use your judgment – we think you know what is right and wrong on a forum that 7 year-olds read. Do not double post for the sake of double posting. We won’t enforce the rule of ‘no double posting’ but please don’t abuse this privilege. Abuse it, and you lose it. Respect those in authority here. Being rude to an Administrator, Moderator, or Group Leader is highly inappropriate and will be dealt with using the highest possible punishment. Religious sigs and posts are not allowed on this site. This includes quotes from the Bible, Koran, or other religious publication, as well as statements or sigs such as "Jesus Loves You" or "Proud to be a Christian". You may have PM conversations about it as long as they’re civilized. If we get complaints about harassment, you will be suspended. Political sigs and posts are not allowed on this site. This includes other topics related to politics such as abortion or gun control as well as any statement promoting or insulting certain political ideologies. You may have PM conversations about it as long as they’re civilized. If we get complaints about harassment, you will be suspended. This site does not condone intolerance. If a member treats with disdain another member or content because of race, religious preference, gender, sexual orientation, or national origin, the member will face administrative action up to and including banning if severe enough. No "Am I Hot or Not", "show me your girlfriend." etc. threads. There are several places for that already. The occasional picture thread is OK (if we're talking about pictures of members), but this is not a dating forum. No blatantly juvenile toilet humor. Simple rule. Department Leader's judgment applies here. Talk about what you do to relieve yourself, although popular (for some odd reason) is not needed here. Any BZPower rules that weren’t included probably apply. Chatbox Rules: All previous rules apply. You must stay on the topic of BNG unless there is nothing to be discussed. In other words, if everyone is talking about a piece of concept art, don’t bring pies to the discussion. Cussing Rules: I'm being generous with even offering warnings. You won't be kicked out of the project when you're banned, since you can still use the BZP topics. 1. Warning 2. 1 Day Suspension 3. 3 Day Suspension 4. 10 Day Suspension 5. Banned Chatbox Rules: The CB is a gift, not a privilege and should be treated accordingly. This means that behavior should adhere to the aforementioned rules. Anything that is not in the rules can still get you kicked or banned from the CB if the Moderator at that post doesn't like what's going on. The discussion must be on topic, unless stated otherwise by a Moderator.
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